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About Us

Moose Teas was born out of a love and passion for loose leaf tea and tisanes. It was a vision to bring the leaf into the modern world. To build awareness and appreciation.

Tania AKA Hin, has been in the food and beverage industry for all of her career. Immersing herself in premium foods, wine, coffee and tea. Now joined by Jess Smith who has a passion for the rich culture and histories of tea, they are still striving to learn as much about the world of tea as possible while enjoying its journey in the present moment.

"Growing up for us tea was a staple in every household, it was apart of keeping people connected. Today tea for us is still that and more. We are experiencing other cultures and traditions and bringing our everyday staple into a new light but still respecting the origins and history of the tea."

At Moose Teas we aim to bring the best of our finds from around the globe and using our skills to bring new refreshing insights, modern twists, tips and hints. 

We want to help you discover leaf tea and encourage new brewing techniques while keeping a positive outlook on tea that suits our new evolving generations.

We want to respect the origins and histories of tea by providing back stories and encouraging involvement and learning.

If you have a love for Quality Loose Leaf Tea, Creative Tisanes and Blends you've come to the right place.

Why Moose Tea? Moose Tea is the product of an idea to bring forward a  product that doesn't always fit inside what most people are use to, It's about encouraging strength and connection on our journey with the leaf.

  'Though worlds apart tea keeps us connected'   

Moose Tea Squad 

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At Moose Tea we pride ourselfs in the ability to source tea and products ethically and as much as possible organic products.
If you're looking for a tea supplier that is with you every step of the way, is happy to share knowledge and offer pricing that reflects our products and work then you're in the right place.
If you're looking for a few premium tea products to showcase we can also cater to your needs.

We also offer tea workshops from tea 101 to tea blending .

Our orders will be customized to your needs.
Feel free to send us a message with a short bio or how we can help
Look forward to hearing from you. 

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